Seabed cleaning

To perform various tasks, seek volunteers from sea and land.


  • Divers: All divers must present their diving qualification and relevant insurance before the start of the activity.
  • Support Vessels: All boats must be dispatched and the employer must have the appropriate title to govern it. Its role will be to define the area of cleaning and controlling boat traffic in the area during the activity.
  • Volunteers Earth: handles up to dock the remains found by divers and bring them to a container.


Area scheduled cleaning: Pier fishing jetty and entrance.

Rendezvous: Yacht Club Port de la Selva | c / Loe, s / n (17489 El Port de la Selva).

Meeting time:      9:00 H.

Start of activity:   10:00 H.

Closing:                  13:00 H.


Registration:    E-mail: | Phone: 607082220