Drassanes Mallol


Construction and repair of boats.
Wintering, maintenance. SOLÉ DIESEL engines (Official agent).

Construction / Restoration / Painting of the hull (wood or fiber)

Hull or deck caulking / Restoration of wooden elements / Rudder repairs / Engine change / Second-hand market / Winter storage of boats. Official distributor: SOLÉ DIESEL MARINE ENGINES.

In 1876, Jaume Mallol y Oriol began, as a caulker, in the craft construction of wooden boats, specifically the traditional Catalan fishermen's boat.

This activity has been continued by his successors, who have adapted the latest technological advances and new materials, such as polyester and fiberglass, to the boats.

This combination of craftsmanship and modernity means that the Mallol brand naval constructions have achieved great renown throughout the north of the Catalan coast due to their quality. Mallol boats are ideal for strolling on the sea and fully enjoying yourself safely.


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