Traffic cuts due to ciclying competition "La volta" 03/22/2022


From 12:15 pm the following streets and forest tracks will be sealed by the Municipal Guard preventing traffic:

Forest tracks, access to land and orchards on the GI-613 road, Camí dels Horts, Carrer Puig de les Forques, Carrer Major, Carrer Selva de Mar, Access to the Arola, la Mora (sector 6), Barlovento, les Mores, Morasol, la Vista, la Mora II, la Mora, Rec de Canet, carrer Canavall (alternative step to access the housing estates: by road to Sant Pere or Urbanització Perabeua), camí del Far de Sarnella, Urbanització Sarnella de Mar (Alternative step to access the lighthouse and urbanization: by Cap de Vol).

From 2.25 pm onwards, the rest of the roads, forest tracks, streets and avenues will be sealed and it will not be possible to drive on any section of the GI-613 and GI-612 road.
Tracks are scheduled to open at 3:30 p.m.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.