X-PYR 2022


The X-PYR arrives at Port de la Selva!

One more year, El Port de la Selva will host the final of the toughest and most extreme event in the world, the “X-Pyr 2022” competition. The Port de la Selva beach will see the best mountain climbers-paragliders in the world 'fall' from the sky.

The weekend of July 2 and 3 is scheduled for the arrival of the “X-Pyr” competition at the Port de la Selva beach, after crossing the Pyrenees from coast to coast flying paragliding and running. This is the most extreme and toughest competition in the world of the combined discipline "Paragliding-Mountaineering".

The participants left the beach of Hondarrabia, in the Basque Country, on June 26 and it is estimated that the first to arrive will do so around June 29 or 30 in the Altempordan municipality, where the end of the competition is located, hoping that between two and three days later, that is, next weekend, the bulk of the participants will arrive.

The rules of the competition are as simple as they are hard. Thus, it is established that to cover the coast-to-coast route they can only run or paraglide (without a motor), using the winds and rising thermal currents as a propellant.

It is normal for them to fly at 3,000-4,000 meters and, if they have a good day, they can exceed 200 km in a single flight. For safety, all participants rest at night and it is not allowed to advance between 22:30 and 05:30 in the morning.

A satellite geolocation system allows the general public to follow the contestants in real time.

Demonstration flights are planned from Sant Pere de Rodes to the Ribera del Port de la Selva beach throughout the weekend (July 2 and 3). It will be two days where fans and the general public will meet on the sand of the beach to see them arrive and share the emotion of having completed this great milestone.