10. Dolmen Riera Pujolar I

Discovery: It is first described by Manuel Cazurro in 1912 under the name of Roca Miralles. In 1950 the name was changed due to adjustments in geographic proximity with other dolmens.

Location and environment: Right side of Pujolar stream, in an enclosed valley near the waterflow. It is the only dolmen in the municipal district not located on a dominant zone. Bush is the current vegetation. In 1912 the zone was an olive grove surrounded by grape vines, according to Cazurro. When the dolmen was built, it was most likely a holly oak woods and bushes zone.

Appearance: It is a passage tomb with a short trapezoid chamber and a narrow corridor. Built in schist. The tumulus should have measured 7 m diameter.

Building era: Second half of IV millennia B.C. (second period of the passage tombs in l’Alt Empordà – Rosselló)