13. Pedres del Puig Margall I

Discovery: In 1983, E. Carreras and M. Piñero gave them this name due to the proximity of this dolmen to Puig Margall and mas Margall.

Location and environment: They are located at the south-west side of the peak of Puig Margall. Bush is the current vegetation. The last cultivation in the zone was grape vines. They are located on a dominant zone. Near these stones springs the stream of Barranc de les Comes de l’infern.

Appearance: They are very flat schist flagstones bonded to the local flora. Different sized cup marks, grooves and crosses are carved on them.

Building era: No near archaeological remains have been found; therefore it is difficult to date them properly. The insculptures in this area are believed to be from the same time period as the carvings found in other dolmens and menhirs from this area, between 3500 and 1800 BC.