14. Pedres de Riera Pujolar II

Discovery: They were discovered on January 1987 by E. Carreras and M. Piñero.

Location and environment: They are located on a bench near Mas de la Mata, inside the valley of Pujolar creek. There is a big concentration of megalithic vestiges in this valley. They are located on a dominant zone. Bush is the current vegetation. The most recent cultivation is vineyard.

Appearance: They are two schist flagstones. The carvings have been made by percussion with a stone tool. There are multiple motifs, lone cup marks, cup marks with grooves, halteriforms, cruciforms and star-shaped.  

Building era: No near archaeological remains have been found; therefore it is difficult to date them properly. The insculptures in this area are believed to be from the same time period as the carvings found in other dolmens and menhirs from this area, between 3500 and 1800 BC.