15. Pedra del bruixot del Mas Polità

Discovery: It was discovered by the members of Via Pirenna on 28 june 2009. The name is inspired by the peculiar engraving on it and its proximity to mas Polità.

Location and environment: Nearby a cattle track, on a dominant zone near the hill’s peak. Bushes are the current vegetation. The whole area is rich in dry-stone constructions. The last cultivation was vineyard. It is located very close to the Creus de l’Hospital.

Appearance: The warlock insculpture is found on a group of schist flagstones. A lot of nearby flagstones have lone cup marks and cruciform-shaped carvings. The engraving known as the warlock is surprising due to the complexity of the composition. This factor makes it difficult to include it in the group of insculptures in this area. It consists of a shallow carving of a human composition made up of an encircled cross where two extremities extend and under it a triangle with two more extremities that can be interpreted as the body and legs of the figure. The risen upper extremities, the triangle form and the length of the lower extremities suggest the movement of the figure. The composition is extremely complex in comparison to the rest of insculptures, although not far there is a big quantity of several different symbols.

Building era: No near archaeological remains have been found; therefore it is difficult to date them properly. The insculptures in this area are believed to be from the same time period as the carvings found in other dolmens and menhirs from this area, between 3500 and 1800 BC.