2. Dolmen del Mas Godo

Discovery: Discovered by Joan Garriga and August Panyella in 1944, they called it Sureda del Mas Godo. It seems its location was forgotten until 1990.

Location and environment: Located on a slope at the crest of Muntanya Negre, near the spring of the Mas Paltré and Taballera creeks. It is located on a dominant zone. Holly oak is the current vegetation, the dolmen is integrated in a bundle of grape vines. The old cultivation zone was a vineyard. When the dolmen was built, it was most likely a holly oak woods area.

Appearance: It is a passage tomb with a trapezoid chamber and a narrow corridor. Built in slate. The whole cover is not preserved. The circular tumulus has disappeared. It should have measured 7-8 m diameter.

Building era: Second half of IV millennia B.C. (second period of the passage tombs in l’Alt Empordà – Rosselló)