8. Paradolmen de la Pallera

Discovery: It was discovered on 5th June 1985. It is named by the members of Geseart. In XIX century Josep Antoni de Nouvilas mentions it.

Location and environment: Located on a flat zone close to the hills of Roca Galera and Coma Solana and near the central plateau of Serra de Rodes. Bush is the current vegetation. It was a vineyard cultivation zone. When the dolmen was built, it was most likely a holly oak woods and bushes zone.

Appearance: It is a paradolmen, a semi-artificial chamber that uses a natural cover. It has a narrow corridor. There are some remains of the tumulus that covered the building, which should have been 8-9 m diameter. Built in slate.

Building era: First half of III millennia B.C. (between the third and fourth period of the passage tombs in l’Alt Empordà – Rosselló)