9. Dolmen Mas de la Mata

Discovery: It was named by August Panyella and Miquel Tarradell in 1943. In 1934 Isidre Macau mentions it. It is one of the few dolmens in the municipal district where archaeological excavations have been realized (1945-6). There have been significant findings, such as bell-shaped glasses and human bones.

Location and environment: Located on a high plateau at the left side of Pujolar creek. It is located on a dominant zone. Bush is the current vegetation. It was a vineyard cultivation zone. When the dolmen was built, it was most likely a holly oak woods and bushes zone.

Appearance: It is a passage tomb with a rectangular chamber and a narrow steep corridor. Built in gneiss. There are some remains of the tumulus, which surely measured 7m diameter.

Building era: Beginning of III millennia B.C. (third period of the passage tombs in l’Alt Empordà – Rosselló)