Books titles

1. Resurgence, October 1934. Buenos Aires. Hipòlit Nadal i Mallol, director of the magazine, wrote letters to his friends from El Port de la Selva, Antoni Costa and Eusebi Rius, who sent him a picture to publish in his magazine.

2. Exclusive pictures of the archaeological work in Mores Altes I dolmen, by Eusebi Rius and Antoni Costa in 1934. Eusebi Rius collection, Municipal Library of El Port de la Selva.

3. Isidre Macau, New megalithic monuments in Alt Empordà and the Neolithic shelter of Can Simon Cave, published in 1923. This book is key to study the beginning of discoveries of megalithic monuments at the early XX century.

4. Frederic Marés, Port de la Selva. Historic notes; published in 1971, in Annals of Institut d’Estudis Empordanesos. This book by the sculptor and collector of l’Empordà is still a reference as a starting point in historical studies about el Port de la Selva.

5. Tarrús and J. Chinchilla, The megalithic monuments published in the collection Notebooks of Girona Magazine in 1992. This educational collection is very interesting for the spread of the heritage sites in Girona. In this page can be seen a necklace made of steatite pieces. Two pieces similar to the ones in the necklace have been preserved. They have been found in dolmen de Taballera.

6. Josep Tarrús, Villages, dolmens and menhirs; published by Diputació de Girona, in 2002. It is a main reference work for the study of the monuments found in the area of Serra de l’Albera, Serra de Rodes and Cap de Creus. The book has been opened on the pages about the insculptures on les Creus de l’Hospital, impressive for the depth of the carvings. The iconography and the big amount of carvings.

7. Vicenç Armangué i Ribas. Megalithism guide of Alt Empordà, published on april 2015. It is a reference work to bring on the job, and the most recent too. It already includes the complex insculpture known as Mas Polità o del Bruixot (Warlock).

8. Dolmens and menhirs. 111 megalithic monuments in Alt Empordà and Vallespir oriental, educational work published in 1996 by members of the group GESEART: Josep Tarrús Galter, Joan Badia i Homs, Benjamí Bofarull i Gallofré, Enric Carreras i Vigorós and Miquel Dídac Piñero Costa.

9. Documents from the Bibliography of the municipal library of el Port de la Selva