Pedra 2

How the inhabitants of our territory lived 4.000 years ago

The inhabitants of Serra de Rodes and Cap de Creus 4000 years ago lived in small groups. They were sedentary and tended more towards animal domestication (sheep, goats, oxen and pigs) than agriculture, although they cultivated some cereal (corn and oat) and legumes (beans and peas).

No village of the dolmen builders has been found in the municipal district, but in Palau-Saverdera there is the village of Ca n’Isaach that gives information about how the villages in this area were. Surely in the sea-side of Serra de Rodes and Cap de Creus there were more villages that have left no remains to our days, but they should have been similar to the one of Ca n’Isaach.

The villages did not follow a plan. There were oval shacks half dug and the walls were made of mud and wood with a vegetal cover. They were always located near water sources. They also used shelters and small caves.

Observing the distribution of megalithic groups, it can be deduced that they buried their deceased in dominant zones around the perimeter of the tribe’s exploitation.