Pedra 3

The birth of agriculture

The end of the last ice age resulted in an important climate change: the ice recedes towards the north of Europe and the weather turns warmer. Some animal species disappear and others migrate north.

The discovery of agriculture starts by recollecting fruit and vegetables, observing nature, watching the cycle of vegetable growth and starting their cultivation. Based on archaeological studies, in Catalonia they cultivate cereal like corn, oat and spelt; legume like lentil, spanish vetchling, bean and pea. They keep recollecting fruit and vegetables: remains of strawberry trees, dogwood, hazelnut tree, fig tree, mastic tree, pine, blackthorn, acorn, wild grape vines; and after the Middle Neolithic, olive tree, have been found.

The tools are adapted to the work, axes of polished stone to till the soil, manual mills to grind grain.