Pedra 5

The work diversification

The fact that the population remained in a village bonded to the cultivation of the soil and the care of domestic animals resulted in the appearance of new needs and jobs.

Tree cutting, seed sowing, cereal mowing and grain milling were tasks that required new different tools and objects.

The majority of tools were made of flint with a handle made of wood, bone or animal horn.

Ceramic is invented to store food. The first objects to contain liquids were pumpkins, skin containers, stone or wooden bowls and baskets made of vegetable fibber.  The invention of pottery makes it easier to store and treat food. With pottery appear the first decorations: first with rope, handles; decorations made with their own hands, using a punch, a bone spatula or a polished stone over soft clay. There is a type of pottery called cardium pottery because the carvings were made using a seashell called cardium edule.

They used clothes made of wool and linen to keep themselves warm.

They crafted musical instruments.