Pedra 7

What is megalithism?

Megalithism (word that derives from Greek meaning big stone) refers to the prehistorical constructions built with big stones, found in all Europe and Northern Africa.

 We can date the construction of these big monuments from 6.500 BC to 2.500 BC, which corresponds to the Middle and Late Neolithic Ages and the Early Bronze Age.

The megalithism in our territory meant a big presence of dolmens, insculptures and the presence of one menhir.

The dolmens of Port de la Selva are part of a wide group in Serra de Rodes – Cap de Creus that is related to the megalithic groups of l’Albera, creating a very dense group that is well-limited geographically. It is made up of more than 100 dolmens, around 20 menhirs and around 400 carved stones.