Tela Marinera

Tela Marinera is a journey into the seafaring past, to Latin sailing ... It is an offer for those who want to rescue the historical values ​​and maritime tradition of the Catalan coast.


It is a company from Palamós (Costa Brava, Catalonia) dedicated to the recovery of the traditional maritime heritage, by means of the Latin sailing ship Rafael, from 1915; the schooner Jolie Biche and the baroness Baroness.

It offers various activities related to navigation: educational, tourist, sports, leisure, gastronomic, cultural ...


Active. The crew take part in the voyage: they take part in the maneuvers, hoist the sails, carry the rudder and enjoy life on board ... recovering an old way of sailing.


Address: Apt.Correus, 395.

Phone: 609 307 623.