Vela Brava


Vela Brava is a sustainable project born from a passion for sailing, a love of the Alt Empordà and Cap de Creus.

  • Half day getaway: 4 hours.
    Sunsets in the evening: 2h and 30m.
  • Full day: 8 hours
    More than one day: + 24 hours


Phone: 690 738 188/670 311 955

Technical characteristics of the Tion IV

-Design: Endurance 35
-Year of construction: 1976
-Length: 10.65m 35 feet
-Hose: 3.4m
-Depth: 1.6m
-Motorization: SOLE-MINI 94
-Mast: 12m
-Sailing area: 75m2 (Genoa, ratchet, major, messana)

Additional information